iGlobalise® Business Forum.

Amazing Features!

The meetings at iGlobalise Business Forum are feature rich.  The structure is well designed and executed.  The members feel elevated and energetic during every meeting and look forward to attending the next meeting.  

At iGlobalise, we do well-structured and guided meetings.  Dynamic transcript prepared by an experienced team at iGlobalise keeps the members energy levels high!   It also helps in keeping the meeting smooth and without wasting any precious time of its members or the visiting guests. 

A short education session is delivered in every meeting and half- a day and full-day trainings are made by experts to instill knowledge and equip the members with the latest in the business. 

We empower our members with a powerful and robust CRM system that keeps you updated on your membership and various other activities exercised during the membership meetings.

Meeting with the industry leaders and celebrities sessions from time to time open the possibilities of business opportunities in the long run.  It also helps members take inspiration from the leaders to do well in their space.

To let the members, spend more time on their business growth, we keep only two physical meetings in a month and one digital meeting with the Global Group.  These fortnightly meetings are highly motivated.   

Brainstorming is an important workshop. Members contribute positively for the growth of their fellow members by giving their ideas. 

We believe in promoting our members and let our members educate their fellow members about the business carried out by them in a more informative way to create opportunities for themselves.  One member is given an opportunity to make the presentation in every meeting.   

The wish-box session comprises of an exercise where members offer their known connects to the Group and make their wishes too.  The connects offered and wishes made are then entered into the powerful CRM to ensure full utilization of the potential business opportunity.  To ensure no spamming, we do not store any vital information about the connects offered.  

Our amazing “I Promote” workshop is based on the philosophy of “You promote my business, I’ll promote yours!  A simple barter system to help your business grow.  We take a very systematic approach and members engage themselves fully to promote each other without spending any money.

What if there was a way to connect with businesses all over the world, and get access to lucrative opportunities that you would not normally have?  We, at iGlobalise connect businesses from all over the world, giving you access to opportunities you never knew existed.  We offer monthly guided video conference calls connecting international businesses with domestic members. 

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iGlobalise® Business Forum

50000 Plus GST / Yearly
  • Access to iGlobalise Business Group
  • Access to Global Group Video Call
  • Access to CRM Portal
  • Exclusive representation of your business category
  • Free premium plan of Listing Directory
  • Free access to iGlobalise Social App on Kutumb

iGlobalise® Global Group Video Conference

$ 250 Plus GST / Yearly
  • Access to Global Group Video Conference
  • Access to CRM Portal
  • Free premium plan of Listing Directory